Why does a bride need a garter on her leg

Why does a bride need a garter on her leg How to Do

In the XIV century, an unusual tradition came to us to throw the bride’s garter to the guests during the wedding. However, not everyone knows why this is done and why the bride needs this very garter at all.

The original purpose of the garter was to support the stockings and prevent them from slipping down the leg. But today this part of a woman’s wardrobe has become a real work of art and is often used as an unusual piece of jewelry. Garters are often decorated with flowers, beads and ribbons.

If we talk about a garter from the bride’s leg, then there is a belief that the one of the guests who succeeds in catching this accessory will very soon marry. In addition, it is believed that a piece of the newlywed’s attire must bring good luck. That is why not only women but also men often try to take possession of the bride’s garter.

For the wedding, the bride must have a pair of garters. Moreover, one of them is located on the right leg just above the knee, and its purpose is to be thrown into the crowd of the groom’s friends during the holiday. And another garter, called “honey”, is on the left leg and is located higher than the right garter. It is this accessory that is removed by the groom in an intimate setting and remains for him as a talisman.

Usually the garter intended to be thrown to the guests is removed from the bride’s leg as the banquet comes to a close. It is then that the bride throws her bouquet to her friends, and the groom throws a garter to his friends.

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