How to wean a baby from eating at night?

How to wean a baby from eating at night? How to Do

There are many different ways to wean your baby from night feeding. Moreover, they are suitable for both breastfeeding and special formula.
First of all, you need to slightly increase the daily portions. Portions should be calculated so that the amount of food consumed by the child per day is equal to the amount that he has consumed during the day until now. Also note that the evening portion should be the largest. After all, if the baby eats well, he will sooner fall asleep and will not wake up at night.

If your baby goes to bed very quickly in the evening, you need to wake him up and feed him when you go to bed. In this case, he will sleep better in the future and will not interfere with your sleep.
It is very important for a baby to pay attention. And if he is over a year old, it is worth pushing him into the next room, to his older sister or brother. Feed him well before bed, he will sleep well. At the same time, his attention will now be shifted to his brother or sister.

You can try telling your child and explaining that he has already eaten his portion. At this time, children already perceive words well.

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