How to survive in a male team?

How to survive in a male team? How to Do

The relationship between a man and a woman has always been unknown to the end. These relationships become even more difficult if a lady has to work in a male team. Here are some rules to help smooth out rough edges.

1. The term “weaker sex” in the men’s team is losing its strength. No one will make concessions if you have critical days or turn a blind eye to your mistakes. The woman here is a full-fledged player. Learn to play as a team, calculate your steps in advance, move quickly and think.

2. Beautiful, feminine clothes, good makeup and perfume will not provide you with advancement in the corporate ladder, and certainly will not add authority in the eyes of male employees. Stop a choice on a strict trouser suit or a skirt, but not a mini one.

3. Remember: looking for a relationship at work is a stupid and hopeless business. In this situation, men are more interested in your professional usefulness than purely feminine qualities. Improve your knowledge in your specialty. As you know, men worship a professional, even if he is a woman.

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