How to protect yourself from noise pollution

How to protect yourself from noise pollution How to Do

Silence in a big city is rare. We live in constant background noise – this is harmful, but complete silence is also bad. It is necessary to determine the limits of permissible noise exposure.

So, the noise of 50 dB – comes from the transport outside the window, loudly speaking people, household appliances. If it is continuous, then this contributes to the rapid fatigue of a person, weakness, makes him irritable, absent-minded. Those who are constantly forced to be in conditions of continuous noise are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and stomach ulcers.

Noise of 65 dB or more can disrupt the heart rhythm and may increase the heart rate when exposed to it.

If the noise is higher than 80-90 dB, this leads to paroxysmal tachycardia, that is, a sharp increase in heart rate.

Statistics say that 2 out of 100 heart attacks happen against the background of noise pollution. The World Health Organization claims that for proper rest, the noise maximum should not exceed 30 dB.

If your sleep was disturbed by sounds with a strength of 55-65 dB (a dog barked in the yard or an alarm went off in the car), then the probability that you will suffer from an accident increases by 46%, which will not threaten people who slept that night.

If you are exposed to constant noise load, then try to arrange yourself a 15-minute rest in a quiet place every 2 hours, and immerse yourself in complete silence for 10 minutes every evening after work.

According to scientists, today the number of hearing impaired people is 500 million.

Almost all city dwellers after 45 years of age have a hearing loss of 20-25dB. To avoid this, doctors advise:

– listen to music on headphones for no more than 30 minutes in a row;

– check that the volume of the headset of the mobile phone does not exceed 100 dB;

– go on vacation to places far from noise;

– try to isolate your city apartment from noise by using double-glazed windows, double front doors, soundproofing walls and other similar methods.

Take care of your health and try to feel sorry for the ears of the people around you.

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