How to lose weight in a month?

How to lose weight in a month? How to Do

There are many reasons that suddenly cause a desire to lose weight, become more slender in a woman’s life. Maybe ahead of a wedding, New Year, a romantic meeting, a vacation on the seashore, or, you just want to put on your favorite dress again. No matter how important the reason is, choosing a way to lose weight, you should not forget about your own health, which in no case should be affected.

Experts believe that no more than five kilograms can be safely dropped within a month. In this case, weight loss will not harm, and the figure will noticeably prettier. Strict, exhausting diets, of course, can help you lose a lot more weight, but negative health effects, bad moods from constant hunger and rapid weight gain after finishing the diet are guaranteed.

Weight loss rules:

Before you start losing weight, you will have to acquire a scale that will help you celebrate your results. You need to weigh yourself only on them, moreover, at the same time. If your favorite dress is not one size smaller, it is worth buying it so that a specific goal appears.

You need to start counting calories, which should be spent more than comes from food. The main share of the daily diet is breakfast and lunch, and dinner should be light. You need to give up snacks, if you feel hungry, you can eat an apple or orange.

In addition to food restrictions, which will definitely be required to get rid of excess weight, you must also choose a sport or choose a suitable set of exercises for practicing at home. A good option would be an hour’s workout 3 times a week, where you need to devote 15 minutes to warm-up, and the rest of the time to do aerobics. This will not only speed up the process of losing kilograms, but also train the muscles, make the figure more attractive, and eliminate the appearance of sagging skin areas.

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