How to level the floor?

How to Do

In the case when the apartment is located in a new house, it will be necessary to do the floor leveling work. Subject to the technology, this will not pose any particular problems.

First, you need to assess the level of flooring that is at the moment.

Using a hydro level or a laser level, a horizontal level is bounced off the wall.

The height of the marks on the horizontal level is transferred to the bottom using a tape measure.

After that, the distance from the marks to the floor is compared. The end of the paint cord is attached at the highest point, after which it connects to the same points on other walls to determine the overall level of the room.

To carry out the screed, you will need to mark the “beacons” or guides. Their attachment falls in the area of ​​the solution.

Sometimes “beacons” are considered to be a section of a drywall ceiling profile. After setting the guides, they are strengthened with a solution, taking into account the alignment in height. The location of the guides should take into account a distance of 0.6-0.8 m.

For ease of positioning “beacons” in the area of ​​a separate plane, the tension of the cords should be transverse.

After the end of the preparatory stage, the screed itself begins.

Initially, the screed base is impregnated with a primer solution. This element is mandatory, as the primer ensures optimal adhesion to the substrate surface.

This is followed by the process of preparing the solution for the screed. The density should be selected based on the thickness of the screed. The use of a 25 mm thin-layer screed is suitable for grout, but a 50 mm screed requires a thicker grout.

The solution is evenly distributed among the beacons, starting at the far corner of the room. A rule is used to level the floor surface.

If the screed has set (but not completely dry), the guides can be pulled out and the void can be filled with a similar solution.

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