How to fix a drawer

How to fix a drawer How to Do

Drawers are usually made of solid wood, and as you know, this material tends to deform. For this reason, jamming of boxes can often be noticed.

If the box begins to jam, look for the reason in the surface on which it slides. If the box was assembled by hand, then its running structure should consist of a working rail, a rail that is attached under the working rail and side sliding rails. Use candle wax or soap to soften the slip. Rub thoroughly with soap or wax on all surfaces that come into contact with the box as it moves. Vegetable oils cannot be used for these purposes.

Only the surfaces that are in contact with the box can be sanded. Find the places that obstruct the movement of the box. Grind them off thoroughly with sandpaper or a sander. Better to use a superfinishing or belt sander. The grain should not be too high, it should be around 80. If you have a piece of glass with a straight edge, use it as a loop. Use wide and quick strokes to remove the shavings from the surface. Coniferous wood is easily amenable to this type of processing. It is necessary to start sanding first along the canvas, and then across. Pay particular attention to the corners of the grooves.

If the boxes are plastic, then the task is simplified by half. Just grease the surface with silicone grease. This type of boxes can be lubricated with vegetable oil.

You will need:

– Candle wax;

– Sander;

– Sandpaper;

– Iron;

– Edge strips.

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