How to find time to communicate with your child?

How to find time to communicate with your child? How to Do

In modern society, more and more moms choose to work hard, giving their family much less time than they could. And this does not mean that money is more important for a woman than family. This only suggests that a woman wants to be financially independent, busy and needed by society.

For all her employment, a woman is not released from household duties. In addition, it is necessary to devote time to the child. Need to check the lessons and feed the dinner. You should spend more time with the child, be interested in his problems, help him with all his questions.

How do you find time for your child? First, you need to prioritize – first I will do all the household chores, then I will take care of the child. Set aside time, for example, specific 40 minutes a day (or evening) that will only belong to the child. Do not dismiss him, devote this time to him. The child will appreciate that you share his problems. Let him ask his questions – try to answer fully and clearly.

The child is more important than anything else, so he must have your time! Learn to plan it correctly and many life problems can be avoided.

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