How to choose a wedding dress for your figure

How to choose a wedding dress for your figure How to Do

For the bride to feel like a real queen on one of the main days, she needs a beautiful wedding dress, matched to her figure. Such a dress will remove all flaws and emphasize the dignity of its owner. A wedding dress should be in harmony with the bride’s image, make her unforgettable and stand out from the crowd.

The ideal wedding dress should not hinder movement and create insecurity. Therefore, it is better if it sits clearly in size, disguises extra pounds or removes other disproportions.

In order to start the selection of a wedding dress, you need to decide on the figure. So the owners of the “hourglass” figure, who, as a rule, have a delineated waist, and the shoulders and hips are the same width – models of wedding dresses on corsets with a fluffy chiffon skirt are suitable.

The height and weight of the bride plays an important role. Short girls are adorned with high-waisted wedding dresses that make the silhouette longer. And for tall brides, a dress with an ornament in the form of flowers is ideal, which will serve as a distraction from growth.

Wedding dresses with a V-neck give the bust an appetizing shape, lift it, and at the same time make the waist thinner. This model will accentuate the shoulders – make them more graceful. But for busty girls, such a neckline is not recommended.

Full representatives of the fair sex can take a closer look at dresses of the A-shaped silhouette. Such dresses hide a voluminous waist and make the figure thinner and more graceful.

A wedding dress for the “pear” figure should not only hide the volume of the hips, but also highlight the chest in an advantageous position. Again, this can be a model with a corset or a bracing and a fluffy skirt. It is important that the owner of the curvaceous forms choose an off-the-shoulder wedding dress. The ideal shade for such a figure: blue, light blue or with colored accents.

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