How to choose a fur coat?

How to choose a fur coat? How to Do

It is not in vain that the overwhelming majority of the fair sex adore fur coats made from natural fur. It is they who are able to make a real queen out of every woman. In it, ladies of any age look incredibly stylish and elegant. However, these wardrobe items are not cheap, so the choice of a fur coat must be taken very seriously.

Initially, it is worth deciding what exactly the fur coat is intended for. Are you going to wear it all the time, or a fur coat is needed only for ceremonial exits, to impress, to show your status and respectability. If a fur coat is intended for permanent wear, it is required to take into account the strength and durability of the fur, ease of care, convenience and lightness. You can choose, for example, a muton or astrakhan fur coat, a sheepskin coat.

The next factor to consider when choosing is style. Long fur coats on the floor are not suitable for women who like to drive a car or use public transport; it is better to choose a short fur coat or a midi model.

Slender ladies can choose a fitted fur coat, and if it is desirable to hide the forms, you can choose a trapezoid or straight cut.

It is not advisable to go shopping alone. It is necessary for someone to look at you from the side, evaluate how well the fur coat sits. The opinion of the seller is hardly worth trusting, since it is important for him to sell the product, and it will be difficult to examine himself in the mirror with high quality.

Fur coats are made from pieces, strips, so you should carefully examine it, make sure that the direction of the pile is the same everywhere, and the shreds are sewn with high quality. Check if the lining is sewn well.

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