How to behave on a first date?

How to behave on a first date? How to Do

Many girls are shy on the first date with their beloved man and have no idea how to behave correctly in order to please him to madness.

For starters, try not to be late. On the one hand, nothing terrible will happen if you are late for five to ten minutes, but on the other hand, this will demonstrate your explicit attitude towards this man. In this case, being late for you can become fatal.

If a man offers to pay for dinner for two, you should be clear about whether he just wants to be polite, or thus implies that from this moment you owe him something. In the latter case, definitely let him know that you are not interested in this kind of relationship. Usually after that, any man treats a woman with great respect.

If your hands are shaking from the excitement of a date, try to relax, think about something else, joke more, so that even an awkward situation can be turned into a joke. Try to smile more and ask the man about himself. Men love to talk about themselves, and you don’t have to look for additional topics of conversation.

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