How to avoid conflicts

How to avoid conflicts How to Do

It would be tempting to assume that, having dealt with the conflicts and clashes of personalities in the team, having developed a system of measures that will successfully resist them in the future, you can be sure that they no longer threaten you. One has only to believe in this, as you risk losing sight of possible complications, which can soon turn into serious problems.

This can partly happen when you start to create working groups from employees who had practically nothing in common before. Not surprisingly, some of them fail to work out against all expectations. People who can get along well with each other during short periods of collaboration can be almost completely incompatible when they have to spend several hours in close contact every day.

Another main reason for the emergence of conflicts in a strong team is the changes that occur with people, or rather, the changes in behavior that occur in those cases when they are endowed with new roles and areas of responsibility. The main problem here is the lack of self-confidence. When a person is not sure that he will be able to cope with the responsibility assigned to him, he inevitably becomes harsh and takes on dictatorial habits in a new role for him.

All this is due to the fear of discovering his weaknesses in the eyes of others – colleagues will begin to suspect that he does not correspond to his new position. If this happens, you will have to discuss the problem with him and convince him that he is able to cope with the assigned task. In doing so, remind him that the success of this business will depend in part on the ability to create a favorable and calm climate in the environment in which he works.

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