How to ask for a salary increase correctly. 5 tips

How to Do

1. Don’t be afraid.
Understand that nothing bad will happen to you if you just try, you will not be fired and nothing like that, in the worst case, you will have a reasoned and well-grounded refusal.

2. Be confident in yourself.
To appear confident when talking to your boss about a pay raise, you must sincerely believe that you are worthy of the money you are asking for. Believe in your worth as an employee, and then boldly ask for a pay rise.

3. Decide on the amount.
Before starting a direct conversation with your boss, decide on the amount you want to add to your salary. Otherwise, the authorities’ question of the amount may confuse you.

4. Choose a moment.
At first glance, it may seem that this is not so important, but this is a completely erroneous opinion. The choice of the moment is very important, and the decision that will be made in relation to increasing your salary largely depends on it.

5. Find compelling arguments.
Analyze your role in the company and highlight from your responsibilities those functions that you perform especially well. And when the time comes to talk about pay increases, focus on them.

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